Yellow Jersey Cycling Holidays

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Terms and conditions

Please take the time to read these terms and conditions if considering, or before making, a booking. If anything here is unclear please contact me before making a booking.

You will be asked to confirm that you have read these terms and conditions before embarking on any trip with me.

By booking a trip with me you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.


To secure a place[s] on any trip a deposit must be paid at the time of booking as follows, and a booking form filled in (link to booking form will be sent at time of booking)

1-day rides, full payment at time of booking.

Any 2-day ride or longer will ask for a deposit whose amount may vary depending on the number of anticipated nights accommodation for that trip, up to a maximum of ₤400 per person.

Any balance due must be paid no later than 6 weeks [unless informed otherwise] before the trip start date.

If booking 6 weeks or fewer before the trip start date the full trip fee must be paid.

To make a booking you must be over the age of 18 years. You may join a trip if over the age of 16 and under 18 but must ride with a parent or guardian who will be responsible for your safety and actions.

If an individual books any trip and handles all money payments on behalf of a group that individual accepts these terms and conditions on behalf of that group.

A contract will exist between me [Andy Bruce] and the client [you] on receipt by you of a confirmation invoice. This contract is governed by English law.

I will send out a reminder email 1 week before any payment is due.

Late, unpaid or overdue payments may result in your trip being cancelled immediately with no refund of any monies paid by you.

I guarantee not to increase the price of a trip once a booking has been received.

Website prices are per person. If you are in any doubt regarding what is included within any trip price please contact me before booking.

Payment protection

All payments for a trip are held in an account until the completion of the trip. This will protect your payments in the event of my financial failure.


Cancellation by me - In the unlikely event that I have to cancel a trip you will receive an immediate full refund of all monies paid. I will not be liable for any other expenses you incur as a result of this cancellation, for example, and not limited to, travel and or accommodation.

Cancellation by you - I understand that sometimes you might need to cancel a trip. If you need to cancel a trip you must inform me via email as soon as possible. The following cancellation fees apply:

Cancellation 42 days or more - 50% of deposit returned.

Cancellation between 42 and 15 days - 50% refund of all monies paid.

Cancellation 14 days or fewer - No refund.


It is compulsory that you have suitable insurance cover for any trip booked. This must be comprehensive enough to cover the activity booked including medical cover, repatriation if required, personal accident, and cancellation by you. Although not compulsory it may be worth considering third party cover within an insurance policy.

Bicycle Insurance

You must be aware that I hold no insurance for damage or loss to your bicycle whilst on a trip, either whilst being ridden, kept overnight in any accommodation provider, at a lunch or other stop or whilst in the support van. You must arrange your own insurance cover for loss or damage to your bike. If I transport your bike as part of a trip it is done with the understanding that I shall take the greatest of care with your bike but am not liable for any loss or damage of that bike.


I will always endeavour to provide a trip as advertised and or described on my website. However, due to unforeseen circumstances such as, but not limited to, road works, diversions or weather conditions, part or parts of a trip may vary or change.

On trips with van support I will endeavour to meet riders a minimum of every 50 km. You must be prepared to ride at least this distance and be sufficiently equipped to do so. Very occasionally due to, but not limited to, traffic conditions and diversions I am unable to arrive at the pre agreed meeting point in time to meet riders. You must be prepared to be self sufficient ie use cafe facilities or seek shelter if the need arises, and be prepared to carry sufficient spare clothing and other emergency equipment, ie a foil survival blanket, whilst riding to allow for unforeseen stops.

All trips or rides are self guided, non signed, non marshalled and van supported unless otherwise stated at the time of booking. You must be responsible for your own navigation on any route. I will supply GPX computer files which you must study prior to your trip. If errors or route mistakes are spotted you must let me know immediately. I supply computer files in good faith but cannot be liable for errors or omissions. I can also supply a full set of turn by turn route notes.


If accommodation is provided as part of your trip whilst staying with that accommodation provider you must agree to their terms and conditions. If a problem arises with an accommodation provider you must bring it to their attention as soon as possible.

Participation and Risk

You accept that cycling is a hazardous activity with a danger of injury or death. You are aware of and accept these risks and are entirely responsible for your own actions.

No liability will be accepted for loss or damage arising from any injury to a participant caused by another participant.

You will encounter other road traffic and road users on your ride and must be prepared to ride according to this traffic.

You must sign a Participation Statement before partaking in any cycling activity.

Your responsibilities

You must ensure that your bicycle is in excellent working order and repair at the start of a trip. You must ride within your own ability at all times, in a safe and considerate manner, and always ride according to the Highway Code. You must wear an approved cycling helmet. When riding you must carry spare tubes and pump and any other equipment needed for minor repairs. You must carry sufficient clothing to allow for sudden changes of weather conditions. I advise carrying id with relevant medical details if required, a small amount of cash and or credit card, and mobile phone. You must be self sufficient enough to look after yourself if for any reason the support van is unable to meet you at a pre arranged location.

Whilst every effort has been made to make routes as safe as possible it is your responsibility whilst riding to continually risk assess the current conditions, for example but not limited to, road surface conditions, traffic condidtions, weather conditions and to take appropriate action if necessary.


Offensive, aggressive or illegal behaviour will not be accepted on any trip. Such behaviour may result in you being asked to leave any trip immediately if your conduct is considered to be inappropriate, likely to cause harm to yourself or others, or impair the enjoyment and or safety of any other member of the group or member of the general public. No refunds or compensation of any kind will be made in these circumstances. Paticipants who are suspected of being under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances will be prohibited from riding.


It is entirely your responsibility to ensure that you are sufficiently medically and physically fit, and adequately prepared and equipped to partake in your chosen trip. You must inform me of any medical conditions and dietary requirements before the start of a trip. If you are in any doubt please consult a qualified Doctor giving full details of your chosen activity.


If you have a complaint about any aspect of a trip please bring it to my attention as soon as possible and I will try and rectify the problem.


I will not pass on any personal details to any third party except if accommodation providers ask for names of expected guests.

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